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Chamber's Council  prepared and delivered a statement to Lord McNally during his visit to Sark on 17th April 2013, on behalf of the Sark Chamber of Commerce.

We firmly believe as a council that to be able to represent local business requires us to speak unequivocally on those subjects that affect the local business community. Recent meetings held by various Chief Pleas committees on diverse subjects such as Traffic and the Economy show a healthy respect for open debate by Chief Pleas and we welcome and encourage their continued drive to hear the views of all members of the local community.

As a council we spent many hours in discussion attempting to ensure that this statement represents the views of the widest possible membership. Whilst every point will not be fully accepted by all; overwhelmingly the feeling is that whilst we do not agree on everything as a business community, we do agree on an independent Sark run by local residents in the interest of local residents and we continue to wholeheartedly offer our support Chief Pleas in this endeavour.

We welcome new and returning members and look forwards to seeing you all at the next Chamber meeting.

We would also remind members that subscriptions were due on the first of April - the membership fee remains at a nominal 10 - payment can be made to Treasurer, Tony Ventress, President Paul Armorgie, VP Alan Jackson ot Bob Parsons, but please make cheques payable to Sark Chamber of Commerce.

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Council have agreed a set of policies (see News page) which we believe are essential aids to enhancing the Sark Economy.  Without a vibrant economy Sark will continue to be the poor relation of the Channel Islands.  Other policy statement can be added and Council aim to hold a forum on this subject soon.

Sark Chamber took part in the first pan-island meeting of delegates from Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney and Sark chambers in May.  The meeting was felt to b very productive, identifying similar issues and concerns across all four communities.  Notes from the meeting (in pdf format) can be downloaded here.

Chief Pleas commissioned Belinda Crowe to review government administration for Sark.  Her comprehensive report covers many aspects and makes 33 constructive recommendations.  The 59 page report can be downloaded as a pdf document from from the Sark government's website.

New members warmly welcomed - download a membership form here

See Meetings Page for future events

Download Forum Notes from 'The Public Face of Sark' in 2011. These points were agreed at a well attended public forum - what, if anything, has been implemented from them?



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